Platform using an AI will save thousands of lives thanks to the unique technique of early diagnostics of oncological diseases

Russian researchers have proposed to use a new method of early diagnosis of cancer. Now the analysis of the condition of the patients will take the platform with artificial intelligence.

Scientists from sechenovskiy University has registered a patent for the development in the Federal Institute of intellectual property. The platform is able to track and analyze the levels of 12 important proteins in blood. Based on these results the system and will make the diagnosis.

you Know what was used to deep machine learning on the basis of sampled data of real patients with the most common cancers today: lung, breast, ovaries, intestines. The developers claim that such an AI system will help you not only to quickly identify cancer at an early stage and, most importantly, to prevent metastis, but also to reduce the risk of medical errors.

Today the platform OncoPro (this is called the project scientists) already introduced in the operation of the Clinic health management sechenovskiy University. It is hoped that soon the doctors and patients everywhere will be able to use such a useful result of scientific activity.