AI says NO to blurry images

on June 14 in the Washington conference has started CVPR. This annual event is considered one of the most important and valuable collections of professionals in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision systems. It is the latter aspect of the work is dedicated, it will go on.

American research scientists from Duke University have developed a new artificial intelligence system capable of restoring the quality of even the most blurred and fuzzy photos and videosnow. It is known that such methods and systems to date, could raise the quality of the frame 8 times, the new method allows to increase the precision in 64 times. The authors called their project PULSE.

AI independently “draws” the pixels and guesses the smallest facial features, hairs, etc. on the basis of the proposed diffuse image based on colours and forms.The researchers emphasize that the development can become a real breakthrough not only in security systems (when detailed images with cameras), but perhaps also in medicine, astronomy and other fields.

But still the system is in the process of revision and has some imperfections. One of them, for example, is the percentage of probability is not quite accurate and reliable images.