Lullaby for artificial intelligence systems

we Know that man cannot survive without a night's rest, even after a single sleepless night is very difficult to concentrate and maintain the ability to logical reasoning, not to mention the dizziness and physical weakness. The result of one of the latest observations of scientists for the performance of an artificial neural network was the conclusion that even the computer version of the brain necessary alternative to conventional sleep.

Not so long ago at the Los Alamos national laboratory researchers conducted an experiment with self-learning artificial intelligence system. Noticed that the AI at some point significantly reduced the effectiveness of their work. To restore the system scientists have tried to skip various noisy signals through the channels of the processor. The successful result was after applying Gaussian noise, similar to the propagation of waves in a biological brain in a deep sleep. Thus, after a brief “rest” system is fully regained its health at the same level of efficiency.

the Researchers said that this discovery will take a new look at the AI system and methods of working with it.