VKontakte launches new "voice assistant"

the Press service of the popular social network Vkontakte announced a new mobile app features that will make the process of communication in the messenger even more. It is about recognizing voice messages and converting them to text. While this opportunity of service can only be used for converting short audioplay (no more than 30 seconds), but it is possible that soon this idea will be further developed.

In fact, such a possibility in the social network – this is a real scientific breakthrough. It would seem, why? After all, the same voice assistants already familiar to almost everyone and it is not surprising to… the fact is that when dealing with voice assistant we focus on with sufficient clarity and volume of speech, and there are no noises in the background and simplifies the recognition of specific words. VKontakte same voice messages to friends often go “on the run”, when it is impossible to print the text. In such conditions the background is usually a range of unusual sounds, and she recorded it can be inconsistent and not clear enough. That is why the very possibility of implementing such functionality – the result of the hard work of a whole team of developers.

Experts say that was created a hybrid artificial neural network consisting of three separate neural networks, each of which has their “task”. So, first recognize human speech, the second is the selection of the correct individual words, and the third builds offers, placing in the right places punctuation in accordance with intonational pauses and rules of the Russian language.

in Addition to improve ease of communication, users will find another nice bonus: thanks to the automatic translation of voice messages into text, you can search these messages. It's enough to introduce some phrase or word in the search string as normal text messages.

currently the team is working on improving the platform. Moreover, the plans include not only increasing the length of the processed messages, but the implementation of the same function in the computer version.