Mathematical algorithms will help to find not only music and movies, but also new chemical formula for the creation of antiviral drugs

the Press center of the SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology announced the successful study of a group of young scientists Center for scientific and engineering computing problems with large data sets Skoltech CDISE and Scientific center of research and development of immunological products named after M. P. Chumakov. The idea of the project was to accommodate long-known to almost everyone Recommender algorithms online stores and entertainment platforms for the purpose of modern medicine. The results were published in peer-reviewed scientific journal of the American chemical society ACS Omega.

Relying on the knowledge in the fields of chemistry, biology, and machine learning, young professionals “taught” the mathematical model effectively to determine what molecular compounds can be used in combating viral diseases. In the background announced in March 2020 global pandemic due to the new coronavirus infection Covid-19 success in the implementation of the proposed long before its onset solutions is especially important.

as a teaching material, the researchers used data from the ViralCHEMBL. Thanks to such amount of available information was analyzed about 250 000 different molecules on the subject of antiviral activity. According to the results of the draft recommendation algorithms can be used to identify new drugs or new properties which will help in the treatment of new diseases, the used in medical practice drugs.