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Osipov Gennady Semenovich (13.10.1948 – 07.07.2020)

July 7, 2020 on 72 year of a life after long illness has died the President of the Russian Association of artificial intelligence, head of Department “Artificial intelligence and decision making" Federal research centre “computer science and control" of the Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor Gennady S. Osipov.

Gennady S. Osipov has made an invaluable contribution to the development of theory and creation of systems of artificial intelligence. He achieved important results in the theory of dynamic intelligent systems, heterogeneous semantic networks, relational and situational methods and their applications. Under the direct supervision of Gennady S. Osipov was created by leading Russian scientific school in the field of intelligent dynamic systems, trained a galaxy of prominent scientists and specialists.

In 1996, Gennady S. Osipov has replaced on a post of the President of the Russian Association of artificial intelligence of his mentor, Dmitry Aleksandrovich Pospelov, and during the 24 years of tenure of office not only managed to maintain the high status of the Association, but unites around her prominent Russian scientists and leading experts engaged in research in the field of artificial intelligence and decision-making. Actively promoted the integration of research in various areas of artificial intelligence in our country,  international cooperation and exchange of scientific experience, was the organizer and inspirer of many international and national scientific conferences, including National conferences on artificial intelligence with international participation (CUES). Being an active scholar and mentor, was actively engaged in promotion and popularization of scientific knowledge, was a leader and member of several editorial boards of highly ranked international and Russian academic journals and publications, including, magazines “Artificial intelligence and decision making”, “Software products and systems”.

We extend our sincere condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Gennady S. Osipov. The memory of this great man, wise mentor and a true leader in the field of artificial intelligence will forever remain in our hearts. Sure followers will continue the work of Gennady S. Osipov, and his ideas and initiatives will come to life.